Saturday, October 1, 2011

Moshi Moshi POP Phone Handsets Are Here!!

Dragonfly DuLou knows how to keep things POPpin'!
Moshi Moshi POP Phone Handsets Are Here!!

Are you constantly on your cell phone?
Don't deny it, we are too :)

That's why its hight time to wise up, get safe, and talk in style with a POP Phone Handset!

Designed by French designer David Turpin, the POP handset combines classic style with a contemporary edge and is finished with a luxurious soft-touch texture.

The handset features a high quality speaker and microphone and can be used with all mobile phones and computers with correct adaptors.

Comes fitted with a 3.5mm jack and is compatible with the iPhone!

Best of all, the POP handset has been proven to eliminate 99% of absorbed phone radiation!

For all of you parents out there, these are great for when your kids use your cell phone! Protect them from harmful radiation! (And they'll think its pretty cool too)

Why We Love POP Phones:
  • Sweet retro design and luxurious soft finish
  • Makes calls much more comfortable
  • Eliminates over 99% of absorbed phone radiation!!!!
  • Protects your kids from harmful phone radiation when they use your phone!
  • Comes in a variety of fabulous colors (which we have!)
  • Turns your tablet computer into a telephone via Skype
  • Works with all mobile devices and computers, adaptors and USB cable available as accessories
  • High quality speaker and microphone
  • Makes you the coolest person on the phone at your local coffee shop, grocery store, or walking down the street!
  • Great gift for the teens in your life... you know they are always on the phone!
  • Great gift for anyone who has a cell phone!!
Come in and check them out for yourself!
We'd love to see you!
- your friends at Dragonfly DuLou!

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