Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Raising Bilingual Children...

How To Raise a Bilingual Child
with Professor Simona Montanari Ph.D.

Do you want your child to learn two languages?
Are you not sure when to introduce your child to a second language?
What if one of the parents does not speak that second language?

At this workshop, parents will learn:

  • How learning two languages in childhood differs from learning just one
  • What to expect when a child is learning two languages
  • What to do when the child mixes languages or refuses to use one
  • How to optimize the child's bilingual development
  • What to do when language/speech/learning disabilities exist and more

Presented (in English) by Prof. Simona Montanari, Ph. D., Professor
of Language Development and Second Language Acquisition at
California State University, Los Angeles. Prof. Montanari
is an expert in bilingual/second language development
and a mother of two trilingual daughters.

Monday, May 10th

$30 per person
$50 per couple

Reserve your space today!!!

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