Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Love Those 80’s - Art for Kids

Art for Kids - Love Those 80’s
Your child will have lots of fun painting, shaping, splashing and creating their own little masterpieces while being inspired by these masters of 80’s Pop Art:

• Kenny Scharf •
Jean-Michel Basquiat • Keith Haring

6-week sessions
Thursdays, October 13 – November 19
Parent and Me Class 2:30-3:15pm (ages 2-3)
Little Ones Class 3:30-4:15 (ages 4-6)
$145 (materials included)

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Jean-Michel Basquiat was born in NY. His parents were Haitian and Puerto Rican. He loved both fine art and Graffiti and intertwined them into his art.
1st Week: The “KING” of Finger-Painting! Jean-Michel often used a crown… symbolizing royalty or a king! Kids will make their own royal art complete with Basquait figures and 3 pointed crown!
2nd Week: Basquiat Colliding CollageUsing everything from newspaper clippings to cardboard scraps to crayons, and artwork already created… make a collage masterpiece!

Kenny Scharf was born in Hollywood. His art style was greatly inspired by the advent of color television as well was as the art of Salvador Dali.
3rd Week: Paper Mache ala ScharfKenny painted three-dimensional characters with unpredictable yet gentle qualities! Find one, name it and make it with paper mache!
4th Week: Color me KennyHis art explodes with color and whimsy! Your child will be greatly inspired by his work while painting their own vibrant paper mache masterpiece!

Keith Haring was born in Pennsylvania and was greatly inspired as a young artist by the works of Dr. Seuss and Walt Disney.
5th Week: We “Heart” Keith shapes! Using templates of hearts and Keith’s playful cartoon figures, your child will paint their own interpretation of his art!
6th Week: Mobile Haring MobilesCreate a stunning mobile using the colorful shapes and strong bold lined figures from the previous week! …And hang in the Louvre!

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